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Success is a tricky business

Recently we were blessed to sit with someone we consider an idol, during this time we were reminded what it is to be a role model.

This realization inspired some deep thoughts about the responsibilities that come with success. This all starts with a question; how many times have you seen someone reach a level of success and their conduct and attitude be affected? The truth is success does not always have a negative effect on people but when it does it can sure leave a bitter taste.

In no way are we qualified to comment on the reasons for this reaction, but it is hard not to have an opinion. However, what we are qualified to comment on, is our own experiences.

Now the reality is our success is not that remarkable, we have been blessed to accomplish some neat things and we have received our share of honors. The unfortunate part to all of this, is we have been cast in a negative frame with some of these honors. In the most recent case suddenly so many of our contacts instantly vocalized how they anticipated us expecting more based on our success, or that we would be “too good” to keep doing business such as we had done in the past.

In full disclosure, these reactions stung a little, since it has always been our opinion that any success we have or may have is only based on us to a certain percent.

With all of this something became prevalent, no one succeeds alone, no one is so “special” that an accomplishment cannot be traced back to a friend, family member, or mentor.

This epiphany created something we are inspired to share. When someone wins a title, gets a job, or succeeds in any fashion there is a lineage that goes along with it. The one who succeeded was taught, coached, or mentored. If you continue to trace that lineage that mentor or coach was guided by someone. The list continues to go back an eternity of time and people.

The truth is having success really comes down to being a small percentage of the actual act. In our belief when you accomplish something great it should come with the inherent obligation to honor all of those who paved the way. In fact, they just may be the key source to the accomplishment.

A pretty heavy thing to think about, but here is where it gets real. When someone accomplishes something, and they truly express appreciation to those who have made it possible, then they just may really understand all the finer details that go into where they stand. Where things get muddy is those who thank others, then turn around and put emphasis on what they have accomplished. Even worse those who never really pay homage to those who have paved the way.

“True success is no justification for arrogance”

We all know them, some of us entertain them, yes, we are speaking of those who succeed and make it a point to tell everyone how great they are. This might be a little bubble-bursting for those who may take the time, and it may be real hard truth. Those who conduct themselves like this just may not be that great, the droves of people that played a role are the true source of greatness.

On the other side of the coin, there is the mentor, those who coach and inspire someone to big accomplishments. We all have had and still have a few. How many of these sure enjoy taking credit for the success of one of their subordinates, here is another place you must ask yourself, is taking that credit acceptable? Are these same people failing to recognize those who fed them with the ability and knowledge and do they deserve that much credit considering it was probably not their blood sweat and tears that went into succeeding?

All of this is a lot to think on and as we bring this to a conclusion, we will address this toward our photographer connections. A great photo is subjective but capturing that photo has a lot of lineages, in rodeo pressing the shutter is one step, that great photo took a great animal athlete, a great human athlete, a great committee to host the rodeo, and so many other factors.

Take a moment to think on this, realize greatness does not come with awards, selections, or accomplishments. Greatness came from generations before you and the multitudes of people in front of you. You are a cog in the wheel of success, how important of a cog depends on you.

Get humble, Stay Humble.

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