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Operational Ideas to Ponder


This week we want to share a little note about something we have found very important to how our business succeeds.

Notice we try not to use the term success very often, why? Well as much as we consider ourselves successful, we also know that we are far from an overall success. The fact is we will probably never be a full-bore success, we feel that there are always places we can improve on and there will always be more that we can offer. To make the biggest point, our success is not based on the amount of money we can make. Like any business, it is our goal to make enough money to support our needs and there are a ton of barriers out there, we will address these barriers in a future blog.

So, what is one of our top keys for success, well this one thing has three parts-

1- Humility- In our industry, it seems to be a trend that the perception is we deserve some sort of special accommodations. Excuse the harsh statement but the reality is we are not all that important. Yes, we provide a service and product that is very valuable for promoting and marketing an event, but the reality is it can be done without us. Rodeo does not need us to happen, but we need rodeo. If you remember this and remind yourself, we are providing a service to a client, then you just may have better relationships with your committees. If they are paying you, then they are providing you money from a sponsor with who they worked very hard to build a relationship, in the short of it, your behavior and actions represent both that sponsor and the committee

2- Efficiency and Accuracy- Hard work pays off is not a new approach. Here is the secret, if you really want to find yourself in the mix for an opportunity then you have 2 choices work hard and sacrifice or barely get things done. We will use this example to sum it all up. When the performance is over are you headed to bed or headed to work? Only 30% of this business is done behind the camera, the ones who are working their way to the top are getting the work done.

3- Reliability- When one client hires you to accomplish a job and you not only perform on time, but you are easy to work with and meet every deadline then you can identify as reliable. Where this really plays a role, is that one client is eager to tell others how much of an asset you are. This one simple effort has now started to build you a network.

We are not as arrogant as to say these little tools will make someone a superstar. However, in the foundation of our operation, we have put these and a few other items on the highest of priority lists. Doing so has put us on a pretty good path.

We want to share these with the intent that just maybe what we are talking about could lead another to that same path.

In a couple of weeks,

we will put out some other things that we have learned over the years, meanwhile if you have a question or would like a topic covered let us know!!

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