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A New Addition

What a 2021, many things for the year were challenging but the rewards were plentiful.

Rolling into the new year we have assessed the season and we have analyzed our operation in detail, we have identified some things we want to do better as well as some things we want to continue.

Those of us who have followed us in the past know that the blog was more of a place to tell our personal stories. In the future, we hope to get back to that but for now, we want to take things in a little different direction. Over the last few years and even more so in 2021 we have fielded a lot of questions about photography in general and even more about rodeo photography. We have always done our best to help others who have an interest, and since we are not real big on trade secrets, we feel like we may have helped one or two.

Well, now we are really going to alter our approach. During the slow season we hope to post at least twice a month, these posts will consist of lessons learned. We will focus on things how did we get a photo, what was the vision to a photo, how we set up or analyzed the setup for an arena. We will also focus on safety, risk assessment, equipment evaluations, and tools we use in our gear bag. We hope to even find time to talk about our business model and why it works, some keys to success, and the root drive that gets us in the right direction.

One of the key things that may help others is occasionally we are going to share what’s in our gear bag and why we use it, we potentially will try and run comparisons against other types of gear.

Our biggest goal is to provide a platform for those interested to ask questions and get answers from our perspective.

In the end, we want to provide a platform where you can learn the right things in the right way and if we do not have the tools to teach you, we will direct you to the right people and not people just taking your hard-earned money.

During the busy time of the year, we may not always get 2 posts up a month but we will sure give it a shot!!

So there you have it, check back in often and share with your friends, most of all list those Questions and send them in!!

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